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The more energy(information) we give to something. The more that thing grows, so if we give it rage and fear it gets bigger, stronger, faster in that way. Now look at the world we live in today. The news and tv gives us energy on a low vibrational level( fear, worry, angry). Then on a sub conscious level thats what we generate into ours worlds . We are like cooks that are using receipts to only make food for the ego n pain body. Which in turn keeps us locked in the mode of survival, suffering, and competition. Thats why we have so much chaos on a larger scale. The world is breaking down to show us, that we must not try to clean up the mess on the outside, but the mess we have create on inside. No one person has more power then the other. we are all equal in power. Its just some have use manipulation tactics to make us think other wise. We all have a part in creating our world. We can change all the rules once we have changed ourself. Metaphor for ya: Mother nature is like an old train on the track, she needs coal to keep moving. Now you can keep put dirt to slow her down or you can give her fuel. Its your fork in the road, which will you take?

#Responsibility #FreewillOrFreeillness #Yourchoice #wonderinghealsyou

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